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Automatic Awakening

Between life and death situations,
* if you are esoterically awakened, you will received pre-warnings dangers ahead of you
* a hand gesture directed to your foe, he or she will instantly drop to the ground

For protection purposes
* an awakening spell helps to give you protection against all sorts of accidents
* an awakening spell helps to protect you against spiritual and paranormal attacks
* if you are esoterically awakened, you will received pre-warning dangers ahead of you.

Opportunities purposes
* an awakening spell provides easy penetration into human relationships.
* an awakening spell creates good luck with unlimited and borderless opportunities

For self-healing purposes
* an awakening spell helps to heal your injuries
* an awakening spell helps to heal your sickness made through spiritual attacks 

Esoteric Automatic Awakening is an esoteric art that belongs to the martial, spiritual, and paranormal practitioners of the Malay Archipelago. Its main purpose is to have powerful esoteric powers. These esoteric powers are the invisible spiritual or paranormal power, developed for a person's protection, good luck, healing and the needs to survive in cases, which are between life and death situations. 

It is not connected with any magic or black magic but purely based on the human energy. If you want to be awakened, all you need is get help from a genuine esoteric master. The master will convert your human energy, which everybody has this energy, into a spiritual or paranormal energy for your protection or healing purposes.

There are two esoteric awakening systems that has been practiced by our esoteric healers. They are known by names such as the 'Esoteric Awakening' and the 'Esoteric Automatic Awakening'.

An Esoteric Awakening is an invisible esoteric system, converting the human energy into spiritual or paranormal energy. It is a natural thing for us to use our human energy for our everyday needs but when this human energy has been converted into the spiritual or paranormal energy, the usage is mainly for spiritual or paranormal protection, good luck, and self-healing.

An Esoteric Automatic Awakening is an invisible automatic esoteric system that has an instant or an automatic way of converting the human energy into spiritual or paranormal energy. Since the automatic awakening has an automatic system of converting the raw energy into esoteric usage, an esoteric practitioner has a higher success rate in their day-to-day survival needs. Esoteric energy works automatically, and when this happened, things are done easily and sometimes instantly in your protection or healing areas.

How to get spiritually or paranormally awakened? There are great secrets in these esoteric awakening, and the persons who are responsible to release these secrets are the Founder or the certified instructors of the Esoteric Automatic Awakening. In other system of awakening, a practitioner may take years to be a partially or fully awakened, or, sometimes there is no awakening at all. In the Esoteric Automatic Awakening system, you will be fully awakened within minutes. When you have been awakened through this esoteric system, then only, you will have an esoteric way of protection, good luck and healing for survival purposes.

Should you need any awakening help in your esoteric studies, we have experts who are certified and recognized esoteric educators. These important esoteric skills are taught only to the Elite Combat Automatic Awakening Instructor at international esoteric study centers, which are the Combat Pukulan Academy and the Word Esoteric Defense Center.

To be an esoteric healer, a person has to swim deeper into the core of the esoteric healing skills, or else he or she would be the next patient or victim. To heal your own self is easier and simpler but to heal your patients or victims of charms are difficult because healers often contract the patient's illness. Why these healers fail to protect themselves? The main reason is the healer's invisible body has weak energy field.

To be a successful esoteric healer, he or she must always maintain the energy level to its highest level in their energy field. You need to have strong energy field, which is actually the protection shield, which is needed in your esoteric healing works, and it also denotes that he or she is a healthy person. 

How this Esoteric Automatic Awakening works? First, you must be esoterically awakened in this special awakening system, which is known as the ‘Esoteric Automatic Awakening' by a genuine master. When this has happened, it means that you are living with high voltage of esoteric powers and it has its home in our invisible body, which is our energy field. Secondly, it works well when combined with our thoughts, visualizations, and spells for esoteric healings. We can transfer the power of our thoughts, visualizations, and spells into a person's shirts, trousers, or shoes. Sometimes we work on the hair of a person, on a photograph, the name of a person or onto the person itself. Water and food are commonly used in these esoteric healing.

What are the purposes of practicing this Esoteric Automatic Awakening? The main purposes are for self-protection and self-healing against physical or spiritual attacks. Of course, the other equally important purpose is to have good luck, which is essential in our day-to-day living. You will not be the only one to benefit these said purposes if you have these esoteric skills; you could help your loved ones, your closest friends, neighbors, or other people if they were harmed physically or spiritually by people who have ill intention against them.

Getting esoteric protection is a must if you want to see tomorrow each and every day in your life. Learning physical self–defense in entirely different from learning esoteric defense. Esoteric defense is a protection needed to block or to dissolve all unseen forces that are trying to destroy or to maim your life, or, the lives of your loved ones.

Wouldn't it be good if you are armed with these esoteric healing skills, which are the surest, and the fastest way to heal you or your loved ones from various types of spiritual attacks done by charmers? You can dissolve or at least minimize any spiritual attacks, rather than depending on other healer's aid. Since this is a challenge or a race to survive between life and death situations, it would be a wonderful thing that you could ‘doctor' your spiritual injuries, or, other spiritual victims. Remember, this is the hardest and the toughest responsibility on your shoulder because it all happens when all healing methods doesn't work anymore.

When you have your esoteric protection and healing skills, having good luck skills is equally important in order to live in harmony and have good connected human relationships among family members, friends, and other people. All these would happen when you have been automatically awakened and have been practicing automatic awakening spells.

An esoteric practitioner who has only been esoterically awakened but not automatically awakened, would have an incomplete awakening, he or she has limited or weak esoteric application power, which he or she will not be able to do protection or healing in a satisfactorily level. Most importantly you must be awakened in a system that has an automatic esoteric system, which we call it the ‘Esoteric Automatic Awakening'.

We provide Esoteric Automatic Awakening skills

Currently we provide four types of Esoteric Automatic Awakening skills. Learn it and be an esoterically living person. You will gain from all angles, and you will never regret learning it.

1. Learn the Esoteric Automatic Awakening Protection in 16 training hours

2. Learn the Esoteric Automatic Awakening Healing in 16 training hours

3. Learn the Esoteric Automatic Awakening Good Luck and Opportunities in 8 hours

4. Learn and Be an Esoteric Automatic Awakening Master
          [ Conditions : must complete No 1 – 3 ]

We provide ‘refresher course' in these esoteric skills

Esoteric practitioners must always try to attend this course because it will help to refresh and increase your esoteric skills and knowledge.

To enroll, please click here.

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