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Combat Pukulan

Finally you can learn how to win and survive in any life threatening situation
with proven simple and easy to learn self-defense techniques in 7 to 10 minutes of one on one training even if you are a small sized person, physically weak or a senior citizen.

Do you want the surest way to win over your foe?  

Do you want the easiest way to win in any battle?

Combat Pukulan is an esoteric system of self-defense, which is a combination practice of self-defense and self-healing. This human physical system, Combat Pukulan, is further equipped with unseen power known as the spiritual power, the paranormal power, or sometimes in the animism way. The purpose is, to win completely over your foe no matter what system your foe has? This unseen power is helpless or useless, unless it is correctly tuned to supply high voltage of power for maximum gains and an expert should do it all.

Combat Pukulan is a unique martial art and has always proven defeating their assailants with a single fatal hit. We believe this is the system we must have or need to have in order to survive against violence. This self-defense system has its roots in the Malay Archipelago, and it has been continuously breeding and spreading around the world each day and night.

Combat Pukulan is commonly known as the “Lightning of the Archipelago" because, it has fast, accurate and invisible strikes and can knock down an opponent dengan sekelip mata [within the wink of an eye]. If you are a foe and have an eye problem, please keep your distance from a Combat Pukulan practitioner.

Combat Pukulan is totally a modern self-defense system, it is meant for the sake of, the needs in day-to-day protection for survival on this planet. Other than self-defense, they are taught to ‘nurse' and heal their injuries or wounds during any physical or spiritual attacks made on them. These esoteric defense and healing practices belongs to the esoteric warriors of the Malay Archipelago.

Combat Pukulan is for everyone regardless of age and built or strength, it is the easiest and the simplest system of self-defense that anyone can learn, practice, and apply it for self-defense or other survival purposes. Since this is the easiest and the simplest survival system, it gives opportunities for victims of all sorts of violence to own these survival skills so that history would not repeat for them again.

Our survival philosophy-‘Must win Must survive'

I am Grandmaster Dr. Tango, the Founder of Combat Pukulan and my word of wisdom is, ‘To survive is to win completely and not partially over your foes.' It's best if you have won any battle without getting any injuries. Any bodily injuries are as good as a dead person because, you will have financial difficulties, poor relationships with your loved ones and to everyone whom you know. Your career or your dreams will vanish high into the seven skies.

The philosophy of this unique self-defense system is known as the ‘Must win Must survive.' A practitioner of Combat Pukulan is specially trained to win in any form of violence or else, he or she will never meet their loved ones again or forever will never see tomorrow. He or she has to win even though the opponents are bigger or stronger. He or she has to win even in cases if they are ambushed.

The surest way to win – ‘One hit One kill' strike

Since the philosophy of Combat Pukulan is ‘Must win Must survive,' we have the real or an actual way of training. The first hit must strike your foe, every hit has to strike your foe, and every block has to continue with a hit to your foe. Every hit and block must be done with great precision. This is the only defense system that does not believe in guesswork.

The surest way to win in any battle for survival is to damage your foe with the first strike. We have a secret on how to train you and win with the first strike. Should you miss your first hit, the second strike is equally good as the first. No hit is a waste hit in Combat Pukulan but damage are done by one hit only.

One more way to win – Kill the fear living in you

Many of us were raised to believe that it is really hard or there is no way for a smaller sized person, the weak, the elderly or a female to ever survive or win in any life threatening situations against a bigger, stronger, or more experienced opponent. Do not worry, you would be really happy to know that you can now dissolve your fears completely or up to eighty percent after you have finished reading this last word.

In a physical self-defense system, consistent and precision physical and mental training will help you to overcome your fear, but it does not guaranteed or work for all people. It works well with the young people who are stronger and healthier. It's hard for the old and the weak people.

It would be a better way for you if esoteric ways are added with your intention to kill your fear. With these, two ways are always better than one.

Or, you can include the paranormal ways to kill your living fear that has made you a coward person in your life. Now you have three ways, which you could do yourself to diminish or dissolve all your fears in this Malay Archipelago survival system.

Just change your belief, and try our Archipelago's self-defense system today. We assure you, tough guys would have harder times should they choose and pick you as their victims. Would these words give you assurance if you were the physically weak, old, or a female?

We have the best practical combat skills

These combat skills are tested physically and spiritually by our self-defense experts before our instructors use it as a training syllabus. For the purpose of maximum gains in the fields of violence, they have done many years of continuous and on going research and development in this area.

We have the best and the most practical combat skills that have make even the smallest or the weakest person survive in any violent situations. Today, we will reveal a few important Combat Pukulan which are never heard of in the history of self-defense.

"If you make a move, I shall hit you
The hand that hits is the same hand that hits again
The hand that blocks is the same hand that hits again "

Our practical skills work for everyone

From now on, the smaller and the weaker person will have a golden opportunity or opportunities to defeat their bigger and stronger foes when they are bullied or harmed.

This is also a lady's dream to own these skills so that they can overcome their fear, increase their confidence, and able to survive in any violent conditions.

Would you like to build an army among your family? It would be one of the happiest moments in our lives if our mom and father, our sisters or brothers were to have these skills. Every family member will have lesser worries about each other in their defense areas.

As for the senior citizens and as being the easiest victims, these skills would help you to survive from all sorts of violence. You will make your children have lesser worries when you are alone in the house or in any public places.

These skills would be useful for all uniform personnel and law enforcement especially those combating violence of all sorts, ranging from petty crimes to serious crimes or street violence to serious rioting. They will attack you when you are alone or wounded.

Train with our Elite Combat Pukulan Instructors

Since it is a dangerous self-defense system, these skills are taught only by certified Elite Combat Pukulan Instructors. They will be your personal instructor during all one on one training sessions, which includes contact free sparring that has no rules and regulations, no headgear or any protection pads.

It may seem dangerous but it is our unique way to train and to prove that the practitioner is able to handle any real life situations with one aim only, ‘Must win Must survive.'

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, please click here for further information

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