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Combat Pukulan Academy

COMBAT PUKULAN ACADEMY is a non-profit educational organization, teaching the easiest, the most popular and practical self – defense, esoteric protection, and paranormal protection systems in the Malay Archipelago since 1976.

Why learn these self – defense and self – healing arts at Combat Pukulan Academy? We have something good and practical, which no other system has, and if you were to have it, it would help you from becoming victims or the next victims of all sorts of violence.

We provide practical self – defense systems which are known as Combat Pukulan, Black Combat, and Hand Combat. All these systems are made to have two purposes, the first is to acquire the knowledge of self – defense for maximum gains, and secondly, it is to increase your fitness level.

We provide practical esoteric protection systems known as the Esoteric Automatic Awakening and the Esoteric Spiritual Maker. It also has two main purposes, to get protection and do self – help healing in the esoteric ways.

We also provide practical paranormal protection systems in the name of Paranormal Instant Healing, and the Paranormal Healing. It too has a protection and a self – help healing system in its paranormal ways.

If you were once a victim, this would be a great opportunity to heal your scars or the unforgettable nightmares you had, and all these can be done with our latest protection and healing programs. It could help you to erase or at least minimized your fear that have always make you a worried and a timid person in your day-to-day living.

Apart from learning physical self – defense, certainly it would be an advantage if you could plant and grow these rare esoteric or paranormal practices with you for your future self – defense and self – healing purposes.

We guide you to victory. We share with you the surest way to survive in any violent situations or confrontations when no one else could help you. We teach you the actual art of survival whenever you are caught on the dead end.

If you have been searching for a system of self – defense, esoteric or paranormal protection and healing that is effective and simple, easy to learn, or, you are not sure and confused which one will work for you; then the Malaysian Combat Pukulan Academy or the World Esoteric Defense Center has the solution that could help you to clear much of your doubts and fears.

Talk to us if you are a person that has lot of fears and worries in your protection and healing areas. Work with us to find these roots that are connected to your survival problems.

1.If you’re constantly living with fear and worries in your self – defense needs because, you’re a small sized person, a female, a senior citizen, a physically weak person, or a sick person.

2.If you’re constantly living with fear and worries in your healing needs because you’re not a spiritual healer, there’re many destructive spiritual makers on line, your enemies will seek spiritual help to destroy you and your family, your business, or your career.

3.If you’re constantly living with fear and worries in your protection needs because your job deals with security in general, or, you’re an enforcement officer keeping law and order to its finest level.

4.If you are a busy professional person and you need the easiest way to acquire the most practical system of self – defense, protection or healing.

5.If you’re constantly seeking for protection and healing needs from an esoteric or paranormal system because of purely survival purposes, then try this, which is from the Malay Archipelago.
If you have tried all kinds of martial arts or any healing system and they have always failed you in times of need.

6.If you have been seeking for a ‘sure to win’ self – defense or a protection system that will work for you in any life threatening conditions or situations.

The information on this site is the accumulation of thirty-three years of research studies and development, training, teaching, and real life confrontation experiences.
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