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Paranormal Healing


* Recite an awakening spell; your fear turns into a sharp sword
* Visualize the tips of your fingers and toes; your sickness will slowly go away
* Blow a healing spell into a glass of plain water and drink it, your worries will fly a thousand miles away from you

 * Blow a love spell into a glass of plain water and drink it, you will find lots of love opportunities at every inch of your life
* Put an open palm on your head or a few inches above your head, you will have lesser worries and all the pains in your head will vanish slowly.

This is another favorite self-healing and healing for others, a healing system found in the Malay Archipelago. It is known as the Paranormal Healing.' The Archipelago healers have lots of healing science which are healing secrets never being harvest till today; some are never even being revealed or heard of except those who have been lucky enough to experience it during their healing activities. Some took it with them to be a new generation of healers.

Paranormal Healing is also known as the ‘No Touch Healing,' which is a unique healing system in the Malay Archipelago. Why is it called the ‘No Touch Healing? The healers do no touch you, they do not hold you, and do not make any physical contacts with you. They will do healings that are invisible in the naked eyes of other people or to the patients, but they knew they were and are working with live energies, the energies that could give hopes or new hopes to many patients or victims.

If these healers can't touch you, then, how could they heal you? The healers specialized on your second body, which is the invisible body that has spiritual energy field, and it lives inside and outside of your physical body. In the Malay Archipelago, this invisible field of each and every person is commonly known as the ‘Bayang Semangat,' a name often applied equivalently to as the soul of a person.

‘Bayang' refers to the invisible body of a person. It lives within us and it lives outside us. It has invisible energies, which are stored in an invisible container called the energy field. Inside us, these invisible energies live with all our bodily organs. Outside us, it serves as a protective shield, growing along the contours of our body. Sometimes it may extend a few feet away from us. This invisible body depends very much on its energies. If the energy were strong and powerful, you would have a good and solid protective shield.

Semangat' means the invisible energies in the energy field of a person. The invisible body depend totally on its energies or ‘semangat,' and without all these energies, the energy field is weak. Since this energy field plays an important role in a person's life, strong energy fields means a wealthier, healthier, and a happier person. Weak energy fields mean the opposite.

Since the paranormal healers work on the energies in the energy field of every person, these paranormal healers can either heal or destroy the energies in the energy field. This is a golden opportunity for every esoteric lover to learn these skills, which are currently taught at the Combat Pukulan Academy or at the World Esoteric Defense Centre.

Why there is a need for Paranormal Healers? Do not underestimate the capability of certain Paranormal Healers of the archipelago. They are capable to change a person in three paranormal ways, which are known as charms. The first way is through the ‘su way' charm, the second through the ‘magnetic‘charm, and third is through the ‘destructive' charm.

The ‘su way' charm' charm means bad luck charm and will make a victim poorer and all business luck are blocked. Business connection and opportunities are always at its lowest level. Family relationships are really bad and financial difficulties just won't go away. Loved ones leave you but court case reminders swim continuously into your letterbox. Your life has no day and has no night and you are actually living in hell.

The ‘magnetic' charm' charm is the opposite of the ‘su way' charm. It makes other people bow to you, love you, or surrender to you. The person who has practiced the ‘magnetic' charm will magnetize everything, everyone, even your boss and your foes. Favors, good luck, and good opportunities are everywhere for this practitioner.

Unlike the ‘su way' and the ‘magnetic' charm, the destructive charm is the most fear by everyone on this planet. A victim of destructive charm is equally considered a dead person. You do not want to die but you are forced to die. You do not die in your normal way, instead you will suffer all sorts of suffering and then you die. It's horrible and it's happening. 

It's really hard to avoid these charms; even the most experienced healers are known to have given up their hopes most of their times. Now, the only hope is the patient himself or herself. The only difference is, can you help yourself or you can't? There's only one answer. If you've learned Paranormal Healing, this would be the last help to rescue yourself. If you've not learned, no one dares to predict an answer. 

Paranormal Healers have special ways to heal the victims of charm. The healers dissolved but do not absorb the power of charms from the victims. How the healers could dissolve the power of the charm from the victim? The healers project an invisible laser-light type, which is a powerful paranormal healing power from the hands of the healers to the victim. This is the surer way that the healer will not reabsorb the illness of the victim. The healer will absorb the victim's illness should the healer's healing power is weaker than the victim during any healing sessions.

If you have the Paranormal Protection, you can prevent yourself from being charmed, which is necessarily, or a must for every one of us. It protects you from any invading powers of charms that give you ill luck in all sorts of forms. Paranormal Protection helps you not to fear anybody or anything. When your level of fear has reached its lowest level, you will be the most courageous and a daring person. When these have happened, you dare to venture in anything you want without having the feeling of fear. As a result, endless opportunities and good luck surrounds you because the Paranormal Protection has stop or obstruct all invader's penetration or the work of a bad spell.

If you do not have Paranormal Protection, charmers can twist and turn your body, they can spiritually blind your vision, block your communication with other people. They will make your heart to have fears, blocked all your opportunities and good luck, and you can't understand why most people would avoid you even if they were your good friends or loved ones.

Paranormal Healers must be able to dissolve the powers of charm that have brought various harm to their victims. They must have a stronger and thicker energy field. These are the skills that must be earned as Paranormal Healers. It may take many years to own these paranormal healing skills but the Combat Pukulan Academy and the World Esoteric Defense Centre has the fastest and the accurate ways of making any lovers of esoteric arts to own these survival-healing skills.

We provide paranormal skills for paranormal lovers

Currently, we specialize and provide four types of paranormal skills from the Malay Archipelago. It is a life-time skill and you should not miss it.

1. Learn Paranormal Protection in 16 training hours

2. Learn Paranormal Healing in 24 training hours

3. Learn Paranormal Good Luck and Opportunities in 8 training hours

4. Learn to be a Paranormal Healer – ‘Master of Paranormal Healer'

We provide ‘Refresher' Courses

We conduct refresher courses on these paranormal skills. If you are a Paranormal Healer, you are encouraged to upgrade your paranormal knowledge and skill if you want to be the best of the best in this field of your specialization.
To enroll, please click here.

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