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Paranormal Instant Healing

* Heals your injuries in seconds

* Stop your injuries from turning swollen

* Stop your injuries from turning into pains

* Stop your injuries from turning into extreme pains

We truly believe in modern medical healing system but self-defense practitioners would not be a complete warrior or defenders should this healing science is not living with them. This healing system is known as the Paranormal Instant Healing in the Malay Archipelago.

The real purpose of this self-help healing is to heal your injuries instantly or immediately. Your injuries are healed after you have reached the count of seven. Really fast, really incredible, and you are completely as your normal self again. Don't forget, you are doing it by yourself and for yourself. Unbelievable, you are a healer.

This self-help healing system is to enable you to be your own ‘doctor' and ‘nurse' your injuries that have occurred during Combat Pukulan full contact free sparring or, during any Combat Pukulan training sessions. If this healing system could give instant healing to Combat Pukulan practitioners, it too could help other system of self-defense in their training areas.

There are many other uses about this Paranormal Instant Healing. It can be applied when you have injuries from any training, games, and accidents in your working place or all sorts of accidents, or get caught in violence confrontations.

You totally do it yourself; you ‘nurse' and ‘doctor' your injuries. You do not have to depend on other healers that could take longer time to heal your injuries or your injuries never heal.
You could heal your finger injuries in just ten seconds, yes in ten seconds only, and you could continue your training, competition, games, or any high performance sports without stopping half way.

If you are an instructor in any sports or martial arts and would like to equip yourself with such paranormal healing techniques within a short period of time, you or anyone can own it, if only it is done at the World Esoteric Defense Centre.

We provide Paranormal Instant Healing skill

Currently, we provide two types of Paranormal Healing skills from the Malay Archipelago.
It's a life-time healing skills and you should not miss it…

1.Paranormal Instant Healing in 24 training hours

2.Paranormal Instant Healer – “Master of Paranormal Instant Healer”

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We provide ‘Refresher Courses' in this Paranormal Instant Healing

If you need to be the best paranormal healer at all times, this course is recommended to you.

Find out more should you feel interested.

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