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Spiritual Maker

* A spiritual spell heals your heart pain

* A Spiritual Maker moves away rain

* A spiritual spell connects relationships

* A spiritual spell helps find safer living place and good luck

What is a Spiritual Maker? In the Malay Archipelago, Spiritual Makers are commonly known as ‘Pawang,' and in Europe or in America, they are known as the Shamans. They were also known by many other names and are found living in every corner of the world. They were the great healers of our ancestors.

The Spiritual Makers of this Archipelago are also known to have powerful spiritual powers, which are constantly used in spiritual healings. Spiritual healings are healing science, used either for healing or destroying another human being, animals, or plants.

Other purposes such as, the ability to move rain to another place during wedding ceremonies is a common spiritual ability for these Spiritual Makers. They used healing science to find new and safer place with good luck before making their houses as a living place.

Spiritual Makers are always being respected in their field of specialization because; they do things, which are always seen as the impossible by people who are problem free. Patients are known to have solved their health or relationship difficulties through Spiritual Makers.

Do you ever realize why we have often failed in our line of duties; it is because our fear helps us to do so. This is the toughest job for any Spiritual Makers. This fear factor must be dissolved or minimized to its lowest level so that we could pluck and grab our goals or our harvest confidently and happily without having any fear.

Why some people are prosperous and some are not? Most people are smart and hard working people, have good paper qualification, and they are known for their successful network of human relationships, and yet they fail to have a good life. This is also the most difficult question to answer. Is it luck not on their side or is it fated? Well, the Spiritual Makers of the Malay Archipelago are specially trained to rescue these people. There's still hope to straighten any bent pathways.

Are you willing to help such people? If you do, how are you going to help?

We provide in learning the skills of Spiritual Makers of the Malay Archipelago

This is the easiest and the most practical spiritual skills to help you and your loved ones. You could be remembered and respected by other people or by your patients when you have solved their difficulties they once had. This is the skill you might be looking for.

1. Learn the healing skills of the Spiritual Makers in 16 training hours

2. Learn and be the ‘Master of the Spiritual Maker'.
[ condition : must complete No 1 ]

We provide ‘Refresher Course' in the Spiritual Makers of the Malay Archipelago
This is a good idea; I would recommend this course to all healers, because you will learn newfound skills, which might help you in your healing sessions. Other than get connected and have good relationships with fellow Spiritual Makers, you will learn things that are not clear to you before.

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